PSG accounting grant

Get up to 70% PSG grant for accounting software when you purchase the ABSS Premier with access to InvoiceNow. ABSS Premier includes accounting, invoicing, multi-currency, inventory management, payroll, and leave management software. Other features include

  • Managing your cash flow with ABSS reports gives you a comprehensive overview of your company’s cash point to take the necessary actions.
  • 100% Singapore tax compliance, so you can quickly generate GST returns for submission to IRAS
  • Reporting functions that allow you to manage your business efficiently. You can easily reconcile the inventory level and monitor your sales.
  • Allow multiple accounts so more people can access the database at once.
  • Monitoring the cost of a project closely
  • Manage payroll more effectively.
  • Reducing human error.
  • Helps to make well-informed decisions. It comes with business insights that look at the available cash, cash flow, profit, loss, money owed to suppliers, and money customers owe you.

Accounting software is fast becoming the essential tool for all businesses today. You can easily acquire one with a PSG grant for accounting software. It helps you manage your business financials, do your accounts and file GST returns. You can record purchase bills, sales invoices, receipts and payments, expenses, and other transactions, track your inventory, and maintain a customer and supplier database.

ABSS Premier comes with a clean interface that makes using it intuitively. Despite being complex software, it is helpful for beginners and experienced users alike. ABSS Premier automates tedious accounting tasks like maintaining general ledgers, bank reconciliations, and tax computations so you can concentrate on growing your revenue instead of just managing the books. It also helps you manage your finances better by providing custom reports that give a clear insight into your company’s financial position.

With Budget 2022 and increase in funding for PSG, purchasing ABSS Premier with PSG grant for accounting software like ABSS Premier will save you time so that you can concentrate on the stuff that matter most to your business.